Portrait of a village

"Portrait of a village" was my graduation project at Wackers Academy in 2018-2019. Under mentorship of the English plein air painter Jim Harris, I painted in Katwoude, a small agricultural village along the IJsselmeer dyke, just north of Amsterdam. The project officially ended with my graduation in June 2019, but it seems to be  ongoing. Most of the paintings I am making now fall into the same category of painting my local surroundings with the people and animals in it.


From the exam jury report:

"Imposing sizes, as well as intimate smaller portraits. Her presentation is exceptional through the large format. It's a statement, "Here I am". Her skills are excellent, a solid draughtsman, a fluent and fast painter. The story is consistent and painted with compassion. Good in form, tone and colour. Spot on and bravura painting."

These people are all my neighbours. They sat (or stood) patiently for me in their sheds and stables for about a week while I painted their life size portraits, messing with their busy schedules.

Gradually, the focus of "Portrait of a village" shifted from people to farm animals, also life size