I paint and draw my immediate surroundings in the rural area just north of Amsterdam.  Aiming to show a timeless beauty, without reverting to nostalgia.
 Every time I’m out there with my easel, I ask myself: what fascinates me about what I see and how do I capture the beauty of this view in my painting? I am always looking for the essence of what I want to express. The area I live in has a rich and long cultural history. I paint people, landscapes, animals, trying to show them the way they are now, framing them in their rapidly changing surroundings.

At the moment, the focus of my work lies with painting cattle, sheep and horses. Farm animals are part of our cultural heritage and our landscape, as well as an economic factor. They are not pets, but production units. Life and death of these animals lies in our hands. Their physical strength is intimidating, certainly up close, but they are utterly dependent and vulnerable. I want to show this impressive strength and beauty, but I also want to raise the issue of  servitude and fragility. I do this in lifesize drawings and paintings, that often express a certain threat or sadness, as well as the beauty of the animals.

Apart from the big farm animals, I paint postcard sized plein air landscapes, and portraits from life.




Painting of a concrete wet space with light falling in from one side.
Stairs, oil on paper 65x50cm, October 2020

I studied at Wackers Academy of figurative art in Amsterdam, and graduated with honours in June 2019. I have participated in and won awards at several international plein air painting festivals such as Noordwijk and Pintar Rapido. With a small charcoal drawing of trees reflected in a ditch, I won a place at the Dutch national Summer Exhibition at Museum De Fundatie. One of my portraits was selected for the "Lang leve Rembrandt" exhibition at the Rijksmuseum. End of 2021 I will be exhibiting solo at the Waterland Museum in Monnickendam with the MILK project I am now working on.




September 1 - October 28 "2.020", zomersalon Arti&Amicitiae, Amsterdam
September 18 - November 30 Vitrine Boterhal, Hoorn
November 1 - 30 CANCELLED Kunstmaand Ameland, Artist in residence Saturday 1st - Sunday 15th
November 8 - January 12 "Visitekaartjes", Galerie Paterswolde
November 16 - 20 Figure drawings, group exhibition in the Art Space at Arti&Amicitiae
December 5 - January 3 "Vlootschouw" De Boterhal, Hoorn
April 2021 "Ezeltjes", galerie De Beuken, Laren
August 22 - November 21 (2021) "Milk", solo exhibition Waterlands Museum De Speeltoren, Monnickendam