Strength and fragility

I paint and draw animals, people and sometimes landscapes. Animals interest me as painting objects, and I just love drawing them from life in the fields around me or painting them lifesize in my studio, which is in a converted dairy farm just north of Amsterdam. You can't find me happier than when painting fur with huge brushes and broad strokes. On a deeper level, the long standing and sometimes uncomfortable relationship between kept animals and humans keeps popping up in the work, whether I paint horses, donkeys, cows or apes. The dependence of the animals on us and their trust gives us a huge responsibility. I'm not at all sure that we as humans live up to our part of the deal.


I have just finished a large project about the different aspects of dairy farming. How does it influence the animals, the people and the landscape? This is the MILK project, culminating in a solo show at Waterlandsmuseum De Speeltoren in Monnickendam, and a book which is still available here. I am currently working on portraits for the project "Een wereldreis van een kilometer" and whatever else takes my fancy.




"NAP -0.931", ink and acrylic on paper 150x220cm
"NAP -0.931", ink and acrylic on paper 150x220cm

Current and upcoming exhibitions

July 1 - 30 Zomertentoonstelling Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam
July 2 - 10 Katwijk en plein air
Until July 17 Galerie Art Point, Sint Maarten
Until September 14 L_A_B nr. 4, De Boterhal, Hoorn
September 24 - October 9 Biennale Waterlandse Kunstkring, Monnickendam
Until September 30 Pop up gallery Waterlandse Kunstkring, VVV Monnickendam
October 8-9 and October 15-16 Open Atelier, Katwoude
Until October 30 Jeannes zomer, Museum Staal, Almen
October 14 - January 15 Docenten en alumni Wackers Academie in Zandvoorts Museum
October 21 - 30 Kunst10daagse Bergen