Strength and fragility

I paint and draw animals, people and sometimes landscapes. Animals interest me as painting objects, and I just love drawing them from life in the fields around me or painting them on a big scale in my studio, which is in a converted dairy farm just north of Amsterdam. You can't find me happier than when painting a life size giant bull with huge brushes and broad strokes.

On a deeper level, the long standing and sometimes uncomfortable relationship between kept animals and humans keeps coming back in the work, whether I paint horses, donkeys, cows or apes. The dependence of the beast upon us, and its trust, give us a huge responsibility. I'm not at all sure that we as humans always live up to our part of the deal. In most of my work this relationship between humans and animals plays a role, sometimes overt, sometimes more in the background.

Drawing and painting living creatures from life is challenging and exciting. Animals move around, and this means that speed is important. I like the thrill of trying to get it right in one go, but visible signs of searching for the right shapes are part of the work, too. The brushstroke is essential and I try to achieve the freshness of my life sketches in the larger studio paintings as well.



Leda and the swan, oil on canvas 90x60cm
Leda and the swan, oil on canvas 90x60cm

Current and upcoming exhibitions

September 17 - December 4 Klimaatexpo, Museum De Fundatie/ Academiehuis de Grote Kerk, Zwolle
October 14 - January 15 "De academie aan zee",  Zandvoorts Museum, Zandvoort
November 20 - 27 PAN Amsterdam with Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam
December 3 - January 8 "Horizon", Boterhal, Hoorn
Until November 23 L_A_B 5 "Blauw", vitrine Boterhal, Hoorn
December 16 - January 8 Salon, Arti&Amicitiae, Amsterdam
November 23 - February 21 L_A_B 6 "Midwinter", vitrine Boterhal, Hoorn
March 18 - "The female gaze II", Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam
June 2023 Solo exhibition at Museum Jan Boon, De Rijp