Painting life - by Philine van der Vegte
I look for the things that have lasted. Farmers, agriculture, animals, people. Sometimes a landscape or a still life.  
In painting farm animals, I am interested in the raw edge of farming life. They are not pets but economic production units. Life and death of these animals are in our hands. Their beauty and muscles serve a function, and when they can no longer supply this, their life ends. This dark side is wat inspires me to paint the large lifesize horses and cows.
I paint portraits only from life. Whatever the practical drawbacks, I feel it is better to capture the essence of a person, a landscape or an object in this way. Find the truth through watching very carefully. Capture the light. I want to catch the "human-ness" of the sitter, their vulnerability, their strength.
I paint fast, and like to keep the freshness of the first sketch into my paintings. Tone and form are key.



"Cornfield in January", oil on panel 20x30cm


November 16 - February 14th: Irish plein air work in Vitrine Boterhal

January - February: Solo exhibition Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam

January 11 - May 9: Solo exhibition Dijklander ziekenhuis, Hoorn

June 15 - 21: Schilderfestival Noordwijk

August 2020: Exhibition Catharinastichting in het Kerkje Zuiderwoude

September 19 - 27: Group exhibition Waterlandse Kunstkring, Grote Kerk Monnickendam

December: Ledententoonstelling De Boterhal, Hoorn

Summer 2021: Solo exhibition Waterlands Museum De Speeltoren, Monnickendam