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Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I often work with models and can't answer the phone then, so contact by e-mail or sms/ whatsapp is the most convenient for me.

You are most welcome to visit my atelier with an appointment.

Philine van der Vegte

Hoogedijk 40

1145PP Katwoude

The Netherlands

phone +31 634297557

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Graduation is planned in June.

January: Nominee for the Waterland Talent Prize



I passed the tentamen (pre graduation year assessment) at Wackers Academy and have started my graduation project now that will last until June 2019. "De commissie was enthousiast over de grote formaten en de expressieve toets!"


In June, I spent a month as a full time student of Nicholas Beer in Sarum Studio of Fine Art, Salisbury (UK), to learn about the sightsize method for portraiture and figure painting.


In October, I won the first public award and third jury award at Kunst Kijken Volendam.


I was also accepted as a member and curator in the Exhibition Comittee of De Boterhal in Hoorn:  "De ballotagecommissie was unamiem in haar oordeel over het werk van Philine. Uit haar werk spreekt een eigenzinnige manier om onderwerpen in beeld te brengen. Gepaard gaand met een rake schildertechniek ontstaan pakkende beelden met een geheel eigen sfeer."



In 2017, I started Daily Painting and was selected to participate in the Summer Exhibition (Zomerexpo) at Museum De Fundatie. I wrote some articles for Onlinekunstmagazine.

Also in 2017, I was nominated for the Royal Talens Rembrandt Award at plein air Schilderfestival Noordwijk and won the first public award at Kunst Kijken Volendam. Uit het juryrapport Noordwijk: "Sferische landschappen. Een prachtig portret: rode dame. Mooi licht donker, bijna Rembrandtesk . Tonale benadering , weinig kleurgebruik maar veel sfeer."



In 2016 I won a prize at plein air festival Pintar Rapido Amsterdam and was allowed to skip the second year at art school. One of my child portraits was picked for the Museum Night at the DIVA Museum in Antwerp, Belgium.



In 2015, after a few years of part time courses, I started the five year day program at the Wackers Academy for figurative art in Amsterdam. I was also accepted as a member of the Waterlandse Kunstkring.


You can find articles about me that appeared in the press here.