Available paintings by Philine van der Vegte

Original paintings on Etsy

The most recent paintings are usually available for sale in my Etsy shop. You can have them shipped or you may come and choose a painting in my studio if you prefer. Shipping is by registered mail and of course I will wrap it carefully for you. The paintings are made on good quality canvas on or wooden panels. The small daily paintings are all made on wooden panels and are shipped by ordinary mail. If you do not want to buy through Etsy, just send me an e-mail.


All paintings on Artwork Archives

On Artwork Archives you will find a complete overview of all paintings since February 2017, as well as the sold works from before 2017. You can filter on category and on sold/ unsold. Buy through an e-mail to me if they're no longer on Etsy. I will set up an Etsy listing for you or you pay by PayPal or bank transfer directly to me, whichever is more convenient for you.


Portrait commissions

For any enquiries or portrait commissions, please contact me directly. I paint portraits from life.


"Philine is in staat om in een paar snelle, krachtige streken een perfecte weergave neer te zetten van wat ze ziet en beleeft. Haar werk is expressief en vrolijk, maar ook de dramatiek van donkere luchten en zeeën die ze maakt vind ik prachtig. Zelf kocht ik een klein werkje dat Philine maakte op het strand in Noordwijk. Een vrolijk tafereel van een vrouw in roze badpak, schilderend in de golven. Love it!" - Judith


"It is as luxurious in person as it was in the pictures. Richly textured and a joy to look at. Also came beautifully packaged- in other words, if you are thinking about sending a painting as a gift- this would do it" - Sally