I paint portraits only from life. Whatever the practical drawbacks, I feel it is better to capture the essence of a person in this way. Find the truth through watching very carefully. Capture the light. I want to catch the "human-ness" of the sitter, their vulnerability, their strength. For my project "Portrait of a village", the neighbours in my farming village kindly sat (or stood) for me in their stables and sheds. Portraits shown below are in oil on canvas, and are about life size.

Portrait commissions

Would you like to have a painted or drawn portrait of yourself, your partner or your child? Then you can give me a commission. I paint from observation, that means you will have to sit for me in my studio or at home. I will need a few 3 hour sessions of your time. Children from about 7 years old are able to sit for portraits in short sessions. The painting will not be delivered or paid for until we are both happy with it. Examples and a price indication can be found here.

"I wanted to thank you for the truly impressive art you've made! I don't appraise much, so I just wanted to let you know what an awesome enhancement you've created, for our environment. Love and cherished thank you." - Pieter, Oakland USA

"Na het overlijden van onze uitgever Pieter Schriks op jonge leeftijd hebben wij besloten een portret van hem te laten schilderen om zijn verdiensten voor WalburgPers te herdenken. Ondanks het feit dat ze alleen met foto’s, video’s en anekdotes van collega’s en familie heeft moeten werken, heeft zij een adembenemend gelijkenis van Pieter op het doek weten te brengen. Wij kijken elke dag naar het portret en zijn blij op zo’n bijzondere manier Pieter’s herinnering in ere te kunnen houden." - WalburgPers, Zutphen