Portraits · 13. May 2018
Na veel denken over het thema voor het Feest van de Geest 2018 heb ik besloten om het heel eenvoudig en dicht bij mezelf te houden. Het thema “Levensadem” associeer ik met
Portraits · 08. March 2018
Making a copy of a beloved painting by Jan Kleintjes, “meisje met de blauwe rok”, ca 1910. Part of the tentamen period at Wackers Academie is to make master copies.

"Papa", painted portrait in oil on linen 50x70cm by Philine van der Vegte
Portraits · 07. March 2018
I spent the past few days with my parents, because my father kindly agreed to sit for one of my tentamen portraits. I first drew three portraits from different angles in charcoal, and then painted on a 50x70 canvas.
"The debutante", oil on canvas 120x80 cm, portrait painting commission by Philine van der Vegte
Portraits · 22. February 2018
At the end of the fourth year at the Wackers Academy, we have to pass a kind of test before passing on to the graduation year.

Self portrait, oil on canvas 30x40 cm by Philine van der Vegte
Portraits · 06. February 2018
After making a copy of a self portrait by Jordan Sokol yesterday, I felt inspired...
Girl by the window, portrait from life, oil on canvas 40x50 cm by Philine van der Vegte
Portraits · 31. January 2018

"Self portrait with leopard scarf", oil on canvas 40x50 cm by Philine van der Vegte
Portraits · 30. January 2018
Today in artclass, I hid myself in a dark corner with
"Painting the painter", oil on canvas 30x40 cm
Portraits · 19. January 2018
Looking for something to paint at the academy, I saw my fellow student Marleen working on a self portait. An ideal model, standing fairly still for a whole morning!

"Manou", oil on canvas 50x70 cm, child portrait from life by Philine van der Vegte
Portraits · 10. January 2018
🔴 My 8 year old niece kindly came to sit for me for two mornings during the Christmas holidays.
"Smiling self portrait", oil on canvas 30x40 cm by Philine van der Vegte, painted from life
Portraits · 09. January 2018
A smiling self portrait is hard to paint!

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