Portrait of a village

Portrait of a village · 17. September 2018
This large portrait (200x125cm) was painted on location, in the shed of one of my neighbours. He posed for me for four mornings, mainly thinking about the corn harvest and haying! In the slideshow you can see how I set up the painting. I painted the background without the model just before the final session. I took some liberties with the colour of the cupboard and the carpet, to improve the composition.
Portrait of a village · 06. September 2018
In the past week, I have been painting a portrait of Frank Dutman in his brewery Bierderij Waterland in Monnickendam. Frank posed for me every morning for about a week. I really like the shiny verticals of the beer tanks in the background, and the light coming from behind them. I used a fairly limited palette of raw and burnt umber, ivory black, yellow ochre, brown red, ceruleum and ultramarine blue, plus flake white. The film is made with the artificial light on, I worked without (much darker...

Portrait of a village · 20. July 2018
The first big farmer painting is finished! This is how I transported it back home.