Land sky sea city

Land sky sea city · 05. November 2018
I treated myself to some good gouache paint, to be able to make quick paint sketches. I was getting a bit bogged down by the big laborious landscapes in oil, and I haven't really figured out a way to do these large ones en plein air. I also found that working from a photo knocks all of the painting joy out of me. Especially on such a big painting, because it takes a long time to do. Completely different from the large portraits from life that make me utterly happy. So I decided to make some...
Land sky sea city · 29. October 2018
Afgelopen weekend was het weer kunstroute in de Pius X in Volendam. De thematentoonstelling was "cultureel erfgoed", waarvoor ik "Zuiderzeedijk bij Katwoude" had meegenomen, een groot schilderij van 2x2 meter. Lekker handig met vervoeren, op de aanhanger. Het weekend was druk, veel mensen herinnerden zich nog het schilderij van Loulou in de Rietveldstoel of hadden zelfs de kaart ervan ingelijst in huis hangen. Ook grappig dat de mensen op de portretten herkend werden: "He is dat niet ome Co?"...

Dune path, oil on canvas 40x30 cm, plein air painting by Philine van der Vegte
Land sky sea city · 03. May 2018
Land sky sea city · 02. May 2018
I went painting in the dunes in Schoorl. They have the highest dunes in the Netherlands, reaching up to 55 meters. It is a very beautiful reserve. I went with my artist friend Sharma Peterson, we are in the same class at Wackers. We lugged our gear to a nice spot and started painting. Of course I forgot my sandbag, to weigh down my easel in the wind. It fell over a few times, luckily with the wet side of the painting facing upwards!

"Rotharsteig", oil on panel 13x18 cm
Land sky sea city · 02. March 2018
🔴 "Rotharsteig", winter forest landscape oil on panel 13x18 cm, painted in Winterberg, Germany. Daily painting #18 2018, sold.
"Sunlight on the snow", oil on panel 13x18 cm
Land sky sea city · 01. March 2018
"Sunlight on the snow", oil on panel 13x18 cm, painted in Winterberg, Germany. Available on Etsy.

Land sky sea city · 27. January 2018
One of my daily paintings "Clouds" has been taken up into the Antropologie spring collection.
"Summer clouds", skyscape oil painting on paper 27x27 cm by Philine van der Vegte
Land sky sea city · 05. January 2018
I painted this view over the Dutch province of Friesland, just before a summer shower. Daily painting #2018 02, available on Etsy.