MILK - The book

I made a small book (in Dutch) for the exhibition with all paintings and a lot of sketches I made for the project. In the book I give a short explanation alongside the paintings about the life of dairy cows in the Netherlands. Many people don't know, for example, that a dairy cow needs to have a calf every year to keep on giving milk.

I'm mainly interested in painting the animals, but during the project I started to care more about the fate of the cattle. I tried to formulate in a factual way, to pass on the knowledge I gained during painting to a larger audience. The book will be sold in the museum shop.


It is a big honour to me that art historian Harry J. Kraay consented to write a preface for the book and has also opened the exhibition. Harry is a specialist in 19th century art and is doing a PhD research about animal painters in that period.


A quote from the preface:

"But above all she wants to express how the animal affects us as a creature, in appearance and character. And she masters the technique of animal painting in a contemporary way. She sketches on canvas in highly diluted oil paint, leaving the underdrawing visible in the picture, and thickens the most important parts in paste-like pigments. The animals look natural, directly observed and painted alla prima into realistic paintings. In this way, she makes a plea for animal painting as a full-fledged specialism."


ISBN of the book is 9781008962491. It is a glued hardcover of 20x20cm with 76 pages. Illustrations are in colour.

Price of the book is €15. Shipping in the Netherlands €5, abroad €10, local pickup at my studio free. E-mail me to order.

You can download and read the book on your phone, laptop or e-reader at Kobo. The e-book is free.